This site goes live on 1st December, 2020

Please find below our current undergraduate and postgraduate research projects for psychology students at universities across Scotland. We rely on participation from all members of society and hope very much that you will take part in our ongoing research (and please do pass on this web address to friends too!). This site is updated twice weekly so there should always be new studies that you can participate in so it is worth bookmarking in your browser. This is an invaluable part of the training for our students and will enable them to be more skilled researchers in the future and to have a greater and more meaningful impact on society.


I am currently looking for participants (18+) to take part in my research project. My project looks at the way we think, how we behave in close relationships, personality and mental health. It is completely anonymous and takes about 20 to 25 minutes to complete. Please click on this link:


“Young adults (aged 18-30), who are current residents of the UK and identify as male/female wanted for a short 10-minute survey for study investigating body dissatisfaction and social norms as barriers to health behaviour engagement.


Interested in the link between resilience and emotional development? So are we! We’re looking for 12-13yr olds to take part in a 45min online study to help answer this question. If you’re an interested parent please email Francesca on for further information.
Paul Gardner
Senior Lecturer
University of St. Andrews