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Please find below some of our research projects for our psychology and neuroscience students at universities across Scotland. We rely on participation from all walks of life and hope very much that you will take part in our research. This site is updated daily and your participation is a really valuable part of the training for our students and will help them to be more skilled researchers in the future. Thanks!


Hello everyone,  
I am a Psychology Masters Student looking to recruit participants for my Dissertation Project. The question is How does Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) affect our self-view, in adulthood. Particularly exploring self-esteem, sense of achievement and perceived social attention. It will involve filling out a survey questionnaire, which will take approximately 20 minutes. The study is completely voluntary and anonymous. I am looking for participants aged 18 and above and those currently living in the UK. This study has been granted ethical approval. For all the information regarding the study and taking part, please copy and paste the link, into a new browser: If you have any questions about partaking in the study, please do not hesitate to contact me (Stephanie) at
Thank you for considering to partake in this study.   


This study is being conducted as part of a postgraduate research thesis in the School of Psychology at the University of Aberdeen. The study has been approved by the School of Psychology Ethics committee at the University of Aberdeen.

We are interested in studying how people evaluate crime reports and expert testimony. During the study, participants will imagine that they are a juror when reviewing paired incident reports and expert witness testimonies detailing the account of different crimes. This research will have important implications for better understanding how jurors assess reports and evidence of a crime. The study should take approximately 45 minutes.

We invite participants who:

  • Are 18 years and older
  • Are a resident of Scotland
  • Have no previous convictions or criminal sentences, and are not currently on bail

To participate in the study, follow the link:

Contact Details

Researchers:                  Lindsay Brown ( & Rachael Irvine (, postgraduate students

Supervisor:                    Dr Clare Sutherland (, Senior Lecturer University of Aberdeen


Scottish and English communication game investigating audience design
This study is part of my PhD research project which has been designed to help us understand how people from different backgrounds communicate with one another. In this experiment you and two other people to complete a picture-naming task. The task will be delivered in two blocks, one with each partner. Your task will be to find the target picture on the screen and identify it with a key press. Once the task is finished, you will be asked to complete a short demographic questionnaire. After submitting your data, you will be able to claim a £5 voucher in return for taking part. Eligibility criteria = native English speaker; Scottish nationality; university student.


How Scottish university students subjectively evaluate academic grades

We invite you to participate in a research project about how university students subjectively value their academic grades. To participate, you must be a university student and have recently submitted an academic assessment, e.g., exams, essay, or presentation, that has not yet been marked. The project involves two online surveys, one before and one after receiving a mark for the assessment. Both surveys will take approximately 5-8 mins (3 to 4 mins each survey) and you will be compensated £3 of Amazon credit for completing both surveys. Additionally, once data collection is finished, you will have the opportunity to enter a prize draw, winning one of three £30 Amazon vouchers. If you meet the eligibility criteria and want to participate in the study, please follow the link below.


How attentional attribution influences aesthetic appreciation for artworks

We invite you to participate in a research project studying our aesthetic experience when we appreciate visual artworks. If you join, you will be asked to complete questionnaires online, asking you to give ratings on your aesthetic preference and attention for the visual artworks presented in the study. The study will take approximately 30-60 minutes. This study is running on a volunteer basis, though participants who complete the study will be eligible to enter a prize draw at the end of the study one of twelve Amazon vouchers (2x £25 and 10x £10, totalling £150 available) as a thank-you for your participation. Link to the study.

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